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4 Ways International Students in Ontario Can Get a Better Education

01-10-20 Lakehead-Georgian 0 comment

International students can get an Ontario college diploma and university degree with these four programs in just four years

Tens of thousands of students from all over the world choose to complete a postsecondary education in Ontario. An Ontario college diploma and university degree will help start your career in the best possible way. You’ll have the credentials to get the interview, the confidence to stand out, and the skills to do the job.

International students choose Lakehead-Georgian because this unique partnership allows students to get more qualifications in less time – four years instead of six. And there’s already a diverse community of students on campus, so international students never feel out of place.

Programs offered under Lakehead-Georgian are the best way to fast-track your studies and prepare for the workforce. You’ll get hands-on experience working with the tools and software you can expect in the field, and the theoretical knowledge you need to be creative, confident, and have fun in your industry.

Do all schools in Ontario offer partnership programs?

You can find lots of postsecondary institutions across Ontario offering college/university partnership courses, but the courses themselves are rarely the same. At other schools in Ontario, you might study communications and public relations, or get your bachelor of commerce and accounting diploma. At Lakehead-Georgian, you can choose one of these four in-demand programs to get a world-class education and kick start your career with rocket fuel:

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – Get a strong working knowledge of practical engineering and applied technology. You’ll explore digital and analog micro-electronics, communication systems, computer networks and power systems. Completion of this program can lead to career opportunities as an:
    • Electronics engineer
    • Electrical engineer
    • Power engineer
    • Engineering project manager
    • Telecommunications engineer
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science Environmental Sustainability/Environmental Technician – This program focuses on complex environmental systems and impact assessment. Study here if you want to become a(n):
    • Chemist
    • Microbiologist
    • Ecologist
    • Environmental analyst/consultant
    • Environmental engineer
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Life Sciences/Biotechnology – Learn about living organisms and blend theories and practices from anthropology, biology, chemistry and physics. Become a well-rounded scientist with job prospects in all kinds of areas. You might be a(n):
    • Botanist
    • Environmental chemist
    • Forensic scientist
    • Physician assistant
    • Public health inspector
  • Bachelor of Computer Science/Computer Programming – This program offers practical skills and the knowledge to master complex computer systems and frameworks. You’ll work with essential programming languages like Java, C, and C++, and learn about complex data structures, algorithms, mobile computing, object-oriented programming, and game programming techniques, to name a few. This field is highly competitive and sought-after in the job market, and offers careers in:
    • Software development/engineering
    • Systems analysis
    • Full stack developer
    • Applications programming
    • Data analysis

How to make the most of your international education in Ontario

Because the above programs offer the best of both worlds – a college diploma coupled with a university degree, all within a four-year period, you’ll have the best chance of employment upon graduation. In today’s competitive job market, employers want applicants who can ‘hit the ground running.’

Lakehead-Georgian programs can help you become a valuable asset on the job market, whether you want to make a permanent move to Canada, or return to your home country highly-qualified with excellent job prospects.

Interested? Give us a call today or attend a virtual campus tours. Your education in Ontario is a big decision. We want to make sure you know this is the right one.