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Finance and Fees

Learn about the costs you can anticipate, plan a budget and discover the many scholarships, bursaries and awards that can provide support.

Tuition fees

You may have a lot of questions about tuition fees. We encourage you to review this information well in advance of your payment due date.

Scholarships, awards and bursaries

Your education is one of the most important investments you’ll make. We offer over $11 million in funding each year to new and returning students. While scholarships recognize academic achievement, awards are based on a combination of criteria including academic merit and financial need. Bursaries are based solely on financial need. Take a closer look at the various funding opportunities available to you.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a supplemental government assistance funding program. OSAP makes it easier for you to achieve your dream of attending university and college. Did you know that OSAP is not just a loan? You’ll automatically be considered for grants as well as loans. While the loan portion does require you to pay back the money provided to you, grants do not – it‘s free money you can use to offset expenses related to your education.

Other student loans

There are plenty of other ways to secure the financial resources to help you with the expenses of attending Lakehead-Georgian. Whether you’re looking for loans from another province outside of Ontario, or even a short-term loan for emergency situations, there are options. Don’t forget to start thinking ahead about repaying your loans.

Financing and budgeting

Planning to pursue postsecondary education is a big decision. It’s an investment and should be treated as such. We want you to be prepared for your educational expenses and loan repayment period so you can spend your time thriving in the classroom and not worrying about your finances. Let us help you learn how to make a budget and stick to it.