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Student Associations

Our student associations offer a variety of services, opportunities and events you can get involved with. Meet new people who share your interests and widen your social network beyond your program and the people you live with.

Learn more about the student associations and see how you can get involved.

Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA)

The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) was established in 1969 to give students a voice on campus. Since then, it has grown to encompass such services as:

  • athletics
  • on-campus dining
  • health and dental benefits
  • orientation
  • on-campus food banks

GCSA is made up of students elected by the student body on every Georgian campus and is supported by staff members dedicated to enhancing the student experience.

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) represents all students studying at Lakehead University.

LUSU’s mandate is to ensure that all students can pursue academic excellence as well as personal and social growth at Lakehead, free from barriers related to income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or ability.

Through LUSU, students access a wide variety of services, supports, job and volunteer opportunities, and social life like clubs and events. Check out for more details on your services and benefits.