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Study for the Job of a Lifetime

18-01-21 Lakehead-Georgian 0 comment

Looking for the career opportunity of a lifetime? Explore a career in one of these futureproof fields at Lakehead-Georgian

What you don’t want to do right now is spend the next four years studying for a career that won’t exist in five or 10. Fortunately for you, the programs offered at Lakehead-Georgian have excellent, futureproof career prospects. Whatever happens with technology, automation, artificial intelligence – the careers you enter through these programs aren’t going anywhere.

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Degree with Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma

When you graduate from this program, you’re equipped to enter the workforce at a high entry-level salary, and job prospects are good. Chances are, you’ll be working immediately upon graduation.

Can you see yourself in these jobs?

Broadly, electrical engineers are employed in telecommunications, government, architectural and engineering services, electronics manufacturing. You might work in the design and manufacturing of computer components, or in a product testing lab, or designing aviation machinery. You may work for an engineering firm that takes on a variety of contracts, giving you experience in multiple fields before you specialize (if you want to specialize, that is) in one particular area.

No matter where technology takes us, electrical engineers will almost certainly be needed to make that technology work.

Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science – Environmental Sustainability (Specialization in Ecosystem Management) Degree with Environmental Technician Diploma

We’re more aware of human impacts on the environment now than ever before, and over the next few decades, careers in sustainability are projected to grow.

That means the skills you learn in this program, including specializations in forest ecology, soil science, environmental biomonitoring, forest disturbance and recovery, and ecological recovery, will be invaluable to future employers in the private and public sectors.

Graduates from this program become:

  • ecologists
  • microbiologists
  • environmental consultants
  • environmental compliance officers
  • aquatic biologists
  • ecotourism guides
  • soil conservation technicians

… and many more. Our world literally depends on these careers, so your work will be meaningful and impactful.

Honours Bachelor of Science – Applied Life Sciences (Specialization in Biomedical Techniques) Degree with Biotechnology-Health Diploma

Studying life sciences gives learners a diverse understanding of living organisms, and a foundation in a field of study that will persist as long as humanity.

This program blends theories and practices from anthropology, biology, chemistry and physics with hands-on learning through laboratory courses, application of experimental techniques and use of scientific equipment.

The opportunities for graduates are almost endless. Biostatistician, pharmacologist, toxicologist, epidemiologist, geneticist, food scientist, health policy analyst, cytotechnologist, bacteriologist, biophysicist – beyond working in a challenging, exciting field, graduates will have impressive, tongue-twisting titles!

Job growth across all biotechnology careers in Canada is better than average, and so are salaries. Jobs will be waiting for you when you graduate.

Honours Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) Degree with Computer Programming Diploma

Civilization will continue to be shaped by the computer for as long as we’re around (and maybe beyond, if Black Mirror is right).

A Bachelor of Computer Science with Computer Programming Diploma from Lakehead-Georgian can lead to careers in areas that don’t even exist today. But for those who want a little more clarity, you can also find employment as a(n):

  • software developer
  • computer hardware engineer
  • network architect
  • information security analyst
  • software engineer
  • IT architect
  • video game developer
  • mobile app developer

Computer science graduates have better than average job prospects across Canada, with better than average salaries.

So, if you’ve been offered admission to any of these high-demand Lakehead-Georgian programs, it’s time you made it official! Accept your offer here.

Or, if you think your future might be somewhere in the careers listed above, apply today! We can’t wait to meet you.


This post was originally published on February 20, 2020.