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Mackenzie C., Applied Life Science student

MacKenzie Cassar sits in the student lounge of the Sadlon Centre

Paula H.

Hometown: Barrie, Ont.

Program: Applied Life Science

Year: 4

What has your experience been like so far at Lakehead-Georgian?

My experience at Lakehead-Georgian has been both educationally and personally rewarding. The last three years in the Applied Life Science program have consisted of a variety of different learning opportunities including extensive hands-on experience using scientific equipment in the labs on both campuses. My experiences in the lab, collaborating with my professors and program peers, have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of scientific processes and techniques as well as collaborative skills that are highly transferable into my future scientific career.

Is there a particular class project or assignment that stands out?

One project that was particularly important to me was the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and Gel electrophoresis of DNA human cheek and hair samples performed in ANTH-3138 (Introduction to Molecular DNA). The project consisted of using several different scientific methods and equipment in an attempt to decipher the nucleotides and base pairs from human DNA. It made me particularly interested in a future career within the genetics field, using biotechnology for diagnosis and research advancement.

Why did you choose Lakehead-Georgian?

I choose Lakehead-Georgian for a variety of different reasons including the small class sizes, scholarship opportunities, campus infrastructure, research success, and most importantly the versatility of the Applied Life Science program. I was awarded a $4,000 entrance scholarship and a $1,250 renewable academic scholarship that I have carried with me to my fourth year. These scholarship opportunities given through the Lakehead-Georgian program gave me a sense of encouragement and recognition for the success of my studies within the program.