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Jacky Wu, Electrical Engineering student

Why did you choose Lakehead-Georgian?

I stumbled on it while doing research on postsecondary options. I liked that it was a two-for-one deal.

Then I went on a campus tour and it was cool — I’d been to a lot of other campuses, but this one felt right.

Plus the distance from home, in Vaughan, wasn’t bad and residence was cheap.

Jacky Wu in class

Why did you choose engineering?

I’m from a family of engineers. My dad has a PhD in engineering. My brother is also an engineer. So apparently, I was somehow good at math and science.

My dad also said there were good job opportunities in electrical — especially for people with hard skills.

Three students working in a Barrie Campus lounge

What do you like most about your program?

Smaller classes mean it’s easier to make friends! The social aspect is great. If I have problems, I just ask my friends. We meet up to tackle an assignment. It’s been a fun time.

Profs are also really kind. They know us and want us to succeed.

Four students hanging out at the LU Orillia Campus

How would you describe your program to someone who’s considering it?

It’s hard as any other engineering course. Get ready to work!

But it’s relevant to the industry. My interest is in renewable energy and I hope to work for a Hydro company, someday.

Three students working in an electrical lab (including Jacky).