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What Do We Mean When We Say Postsecondary Education

23-07-20 Lakehead-Georgian 0 comment

Postsecondary education is any form of education you participate in after graduating high school.

  • From kindergarten to Grade 8, you attend primary school. You might have called it elementary school. Primary school is your first school.
  • After your first school comes your secondary school. High school.
  • Since thirdary isn’t a word, postsecondary was chosen as the phrase to identify any kind of education after secondary.

So, generally, when we say postsecondary, it refers to college or university.

Avery sits in the Advanced Technology Centre in an orange chair, working on her laptop. The sun is shining through the windows.

You don’t have to attend college or university to have a successful career

But it does help.

While some careers don’t specifically call for postsecondary education, most do. And generally, the more credentials you have, the better.


Two reasons.

  • More credentials put your resume to the top of the pile when applying for work. An employer doesn’t know you, so all they have to go on is how qualified you look on paper.
  • More credentials give you greater earning potential. If you are highly qualified for a job, you can negotiate for more money than the next person in line with fewer qualifications.

That’s why Lakehead-Georgian is an awesome option for your postsecondary education

When you graduate from any of Lakehead-Georgian’s programs, you’re more qualified than other graduates entering your field.

It’s because you have a university degree and a college diploma. Employers see that you have a more fulsome understanding of your field than the next person, and they want someone who can walk into the job ready to get it done.

So, are you ready to get your postsecondary adventure started? Apply today and imagine where your postsecondary education will take you.