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What Does That Mean? LUGC Lingo

03-07-20 Lakehead-Georgian 0 comment

Important Lakehead-Georgian Lingo

As a new student at Lakehead-Georgian, you’re going to hear all sorts of lingo you probably haven’t heard before. Sometimes, the people using that lingo forget that for new students, it sounds like another language.

But luckily, it’s an easy language to learn.

When you hear some of this lingo and you don’t want to ask the person what they mean, just nod your head, then come back to this page to figure it out on the down-low.

Terms you need to know.


Your ONECard is like a Muti-Pass, or The One Ring, maybe. It rules over all other things. Features extend far beyond a simple ID – it’s your library card, athletic centre card, and a convenient payment method for vendors on- and off-campus including the bookstore and cafeteria – all in one!


The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) represents all students studying at Lakehead University. Through LUSU, you get access to a health and dental plan that covers things like prescriptions, vision care and dental care. You get your UPass for unlimited public transit in town, and you get access to your international student identity card, providing discounts on everything from flights to laptops.


The Georgian College Student Association (GCSA) serves the same purpose as LUSU, providing services like the ONECard and UPass. It usually organizes campus orientation and plans other on-campus events.

MyCourselink (aka D2L)

MyCourseLink, also known as D2L, is an online learning management system for your online courses and web-based components for your on-campus courses. Through MyCourseLink you can:

  • Access online course materials (e.g., syllabus, course readings, audio and video material, etc.)
  • Take online tests and quizzes
  • Participate in discussion forums and other communication tools (e.g. email, live chat)
  • Submit assignments and view grades


MyInfo is your Lakehead-Georgian student portal. This is an online tool where you can do everything from accepting your offer of admission to reviewing your current course requirements, grades, transfer credits, academic history, and even plan your future course selections.

Bell Curve

The bell curve is a way of grading assignments or tests. It’s best explained with an image:

Scouting curve for grading assignments and tests

Source: Sherrington, Tom. Scouting Curve. Teacherhead Consulting, July 2013, https://headguruteacher.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/scouting-curve.png.


Office hours

Your instructors aren’t available all day, every day. They’re eager to help, but they often teach multiple courses and live normal human lives too. Luckily, they are available to you during office hours. These are a set of designated hours (your instructor can tell you when they are available) where you connect for extra help or to chat about anything course related.


Full course equivalent (FCE) means a class that is valued with a weight of 1.0 credits. An FCE can be one course or a combination of courses, as long as the value totals 1.0 credits. Typically, a course that runs over two terms (September to April) is worth 1.0 FCE and a course that runs for one term (September to December, or January to April) is worth 0.5 FCE or 0.33 FCE (Georgian College courses specifically).


The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) gives loans (money you have to pay back) and grants (money you don’t have to pay back) to students in financial need. Tens of thousands of students use OSAP every year. For more info, and to learn if you qualify, visit the OSAP website here.

One more important term.


Get your application to Lakehead-Georgian in early. You can talk the talk. Now all you have to do is walk the walk – right onto campus.

Application info is available here. Get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds. We can’t wait to meet you!