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Avery Williams, Electrical Engineering student

Why did you choose Lakehead-Georgian?

I was raised in Orillia, and I came into this program fresh out of Orillia Secondary School. My shop teacher recommended it to me. He said I’d get all the theoretical learning in class, and then in the labs I would learn how to apply the theory. I also liked the two for one (two credentials in four years).

Avery in class

What are some of your goals?

I would like to graduate and get a full-time job. Hydro would be cool. That’s another reason I chose Lakehead-Georgian – because of industry connections.

Avery talking to the co-op coordinator

What do you enjoy about Lakehead-Georgian?

I definitely enjoy the classes. They’re nice and small. You get a lot of one on one time with teachers. All our profs know us by our first names.

I also really like that you can access both Lakehead and Georgian events. You can get to know people at both schools.

Three students, including Avery, walking the halls

What do you think about your program?

I like it a lot. It’s math I can apply in my everyday life. And it’ll prepare me for my career.

Avery working in a lounge