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Current Students

When it comes to living and learning, we encourage you to strive for balance so that you have a well-rounded and rewarding experience at Lakehead-Georgian. While keeping up with courses and planning for the future, be sure to enjoy student life, get involved, and take advantage of all our services, events, and opportunities. We have a variety of resources and services on both of our campuses to support you through your journey.

Academic support

Lakehead-Georgian wants you to succeed. We encourage you to take advantage of the advice, assistance and supports offered to help you excel in your studies and to plan for the future.

Academic calendar

A comprehensive guide that contains general information such as important dates, admission requirements, and descriptions of all programs and courses offered through Lakehead-Georgian.

Communicating with you

Find out how we’ll communicate with you about academic, administrative and extracurricular events.

Student finances

Get information on paying fees, OSAP loans, scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Important dates and deadlines

While juggling your many responsibilities and enjoying student life, remember to keep track of the following important dates and deadlines.

International students

Lakehead International is available to help international students make a smooth transition to university life in Canada.

Indigenous students

We are proud to provide students with a culturally supportive and comfortable environment where they can study, socialize, and access a wide range of resources.

Exams and grades

Get the most up-to-date information on exam dates and policies, and check on your progress.

Timetables and registration

Find out when you can register for courses, how to add or drop courses, download your course schedules, and more.

Student life

Your experience at Lakehead-Georgian isn’t just about what happens inside the classroom. Get involved and make your experience here a great one!