Lakehead-Georgian Entrance Award

Get $4,000 toward your first year. Guaranteed.

Lakehead-Georgian Entrance Award

The new Lakehead-Georgian Entrance Award ensures all Canadian Lakehead-Georgian students starting in September 2018 will receive $4,000 toward their first year of study. Depending on your academic average, some of that $4,000 may come from a Lakehead Entrance Scholarship.

Academic averageLakehead Entrance Scholarship*Lakehead-Georgian Entrance AwardTotal value   
90.0% - 94.9%$2,500$1,500$4,000
85.0% - 89.9%$1,250$2,750$4,000
80.0% - 84.9%$750$3,250$4,000
70.0% - 79.9%$0$4,000$4,000
Non-high school$0$4,000$4,000
*The Lakehead Entrance Scholarship is renewable over four years provided the student achieves the required academic average in each academic year. See below for more information about the renewal of entrance scholarships.

Lakehead Entrance Scholarship

Lakehead University guarantees funding to high school students who are Canadian citizens studying at a high school in Canada, and who have a minimum 80% average from a recognized Canadian high school curriculum. Lakehead-Georgian students are eligible.

Academic averageScholarship total (value per year)Scholarships available
95.0% or higherFREE TUITION (Tuition x 4 years)*Unlimited
90.0% - 94.9%$10,000 ($2,500 x 4 years)**Unlimited
85.0% - 89.9%$5,000 ($1,250 x 4 years)**Unlimited
80.0% - 84.9%$3,000 ($750 x 4 years)**Unlimited
*Free Tuition Scholarship is renewable provided a 90% average is achieved in each academic year. If a student’s university academic average falls between 80.0% - 89.9% the student will receive an amended scholarship valued at $2,500/year for each subsequent academic year for the remaining term of the scholarship.
** Renewable, provided an 80% average is achieved in each academic year.

You won’t ever have to apply for the Lakehead-Georgian Entrance Award or Lakehead Entrance Scholarships – both are automatically applied when you become a student.

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